Tom Brady x Autograph’s The Huddle Program

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September 08, 2022 – September 15, 2022



The much-visited web3 entertainment and NFT platform Autograph has recently announced the release of a new fandom-focused Signature Experiences program, featuring its co-founder, football icon, Tom Brady. The NFT-centered Signature Experiences aims to provide fans with access to both IRL and VR events, exclusive phygital merch, invite-only communication channels, meets-and-greets, and a closed community of like-minders.

Autograph Signature Experiences will kick off with the first stage named The Huddle. The participants will be able to jump into the program by minting a dynamic Season Ticket NFT featuring the Olympic image of Tom Brady. The Season ticket will lead the holders through Tom Brady's 2022-23 season. After each week of games, the Season Ticket will morph to show Tom Brady's recent achievements reflected through great visuals.

The Huddle program and inaugural Season Ticket will go live on September 8th via the Autograph platform. It's worth noting that a Season Ticket NFT acts as a pass to enter The Huddle and the whole Autograph Signature Experiences program.

By entering The Huddle, the portal users will access top-notch benefits from FTX, BRADY Brand, and TB12, as well as exclusive experiences and events, including: 

  • IRL events. From regional watch parties in Atlanta (10/9), Los Angeles (11/6), and Boston (12/11) tied to local games to an epic end-of-season celebration with in-person events around the country. The exclusive post-season party in Tampa for Season Ticket holders with Brady and special guests.
  • NFT Collectibles. In addition to the dynamic Season Ticket, you'll get access to commemorative NFTs featuring the signature moments of the season.
  • Custom merch and experiences. Avail yourself of the welcome package, hefty discounts, and giveaways, as well as a custom merchandise collaboration with Tom Brady.
  • Digital programming. Prepare for weekly token-gated broadcasts on Autograph by renowned creators across sports, fantasy football, and web3, as well as Q&As with special guests.

"Fandom today remains a limited, one-way conversation between fans and their idols. Our new premium product, Signature Experiences, challenges traditional notions of fandom and reimagines how devoted audiences engage with icons and each other by creating a richer, more interactive, community-driven experience,"  Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder, and CEO at Autograph said.

Furthermore, Autograph plans to reveal exclusive collaborations with other celebrated icons across sports, entertainment, music, and art as part of the Signature Experiences program. 

Sniff the wind for updates and enter The Huddle already this September.

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