Tiltlabs, in partnership with Lightrains

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September 09, 2022 – September 16, 2022



Tiltlabs, in partnership with Lightrains, unveils Festival NFTs, the first collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) exclusively for festivals, to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for NFT enthusiasts. We bring a highly-curated platform for building, collecting, and trading Festival NFTs, which brings an experience like never before. Let's start uniquely celebrating festivals!


Onam, the official harvest festival of Kerala, which falls in the months of August/September annually, is celebrated across India and the world and is the main festival among Malayalees.

Tiltlabs, in collaboration with Lightrains, have come up with an unexplored and creative way of celebrating this Onam. To begin with, we want to provide a memorable experience to all Malayalis/Keralites who are in a different part of the world and cannot join the Onam celebrations at their home in Kerala.

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