The Tomes

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December 08, 2022 – December 15, 2022


Magic Eden



Overseers Labs is a truly community-focused project that providing **REAL** long-term sustainable value to holders through art, lore, and utilities. As well as value to the ecosystem through the tools and services we are developing!    Three of the core tenants of our ethos are Innovation, Efficiency, and Security. Everything we bring to the will to our holders and the ecosystem will exemplify our ethos and further our goal of uplifting the community!   The Tomes is the Genesis Collection for Ⓞverseers Labs with a limited deflationary supply of only 999 Tomes that are packed with both present/and future utilities and completely passive income as well!      Note:  Our main utility (A revolutionary **NEW** {Redacted}) is currently in development and thus a complete secret to all except a few select members of the community!

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