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March 03, 2022 – March 10, 2022





Crypto Piggieland is a community for NFT collectors, guinea pig lovers & guinea pigs living on the blockchain (and in the metaverse). Powered by the community, a portion of the proceeds will go to Guinea Pig Rescues in North America.

This collection includes 5,000 unique guinea pig NFTs living, pooping and squeaking on the Ethereum blockchain. No one knows where they came from, cause you know…crypto. What we do know is that each NFT is unique and no two are exactly alike. Each combination of the NFTs is randomly generated with 125 hand drawn traits.

This collection celebrates the unique, adorable and inquisitive nature of guinea pigs. Anyone who has had a pet guinea pig knows that their absolute favorite thing in the world is… FOOD (after you, of course)! Therefore, a lot of the different traits and properties available are food related: e.g., hamburger headphones, ice cream hats, and lobster claws.

Some of the rarer traits include the bitcoin necklaces and chat boxes. If you have had the pleasure of living with a guinea pig, you know how chatty they can be – “squeak”. Although, what are they saying? Our guess is as good as yours. We capture the different possible verbal expressions with these chat boxes.

Explore the collection to find your favorite one, whether it be one that resembles your pet piggie at home, or one that you just simply adore. These whimsical guinea pig NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens available through Opensea. Available to mint at 0.02 ETH.

Future phases of this project include a drop of a new pack of rare piggies onto the Polygon blockchain, donating a portion of proceeds to Guinea Pig Rescues in North America, and of course, spoiling all guinea pigs in the community with treats and toys.

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