The Spear of Destiny

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March 25, 2022 – April 01, 2022





The spear of destiny collection represents the unique creative vision of scott harvey, as he brings to life through stunning graphic artwork, many of the characters from the first book in the heroplot series.

Stunning high-definition artwork

Each piece in the collection is available for collectors in uncompressed high-definition files to ensure lossless quality that is not only suitable for the highest resolution digital screens, but for large-format print.

The spear of destiny collection

The complete collection comprises a total of 14 high-definition pieces that are suitable for both screen and large-format print.

Released in 2-parts, the spear of destiny collection: part I contains 7 unique pieces and presents the first instalment of harvey's work, including his now iconic image, "Then death has come," the definitive artwork that not only became the cover for the book itself, but also launched the heroplot multiverse.

A unique opportunity

The spear of destiny collection will be set for auction at opensea.Io on 25.03.2022.

Incredible volume of bonus content

As the first ever auction of harvey’s work, the use of nft technology allows the artist to offer collectors an incredible array of exclusive bonus content that includes:

An exclusive, never publicly exhibited artwork of commander reams which you will own forever, even if deciding to sell, trade, or transfer the nft of your purchased artwork at a later date.
A signed and personally inscribed copy of heroplot: the spear of destiny, shipped anywhere in the world to your preferred location.
Exclusive citizenship to luxartia: a world within the heroplot multiverse.
An exclusive collector's coin and presentation case, minted and engraved with a unique citizenship number that will open a host of value-added services and benefits for the holder in both the real and virtual world.
Your very own unique character avatar from the world of luxartia, which can be used in all future heroplot games and apps, as well as in your profiles across social media.
Your matching and unique heroplot battle card, based upon the abilities, strengths, and powers of the avatar.

A special surprise for a special collector

A collector of work from the spear of destiny collection, will be selected at random and invited to meet with harvey. More than a simple meet and greet, you will be invited to share aspects of your personality, your likes, and dislikes, to inspire a character who will feature from the planet luxartia in a heroplot book later in the series.

This unique opportunity is a chance for you to become a part of history, immortalised forever within the heroplot multiverse.

A unique and very special gift that you may take for yourself or choose to donate to any family member or friend.

Promotion and details

The spear of destiny collection: part I can be previewed at: https://www.Heroplot.Com/artwork/ 

Each piece is presented with descriptions, methods and techniques in creation, as well as details for closer inspection.

A special promotion video showing a selection of the work as well as the incredible volume of bonus content for collectors can be seen at:


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