The Space Invaders

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May 02, 2023 – May 09, 2023





Eye of Unity Games has announced the release of their highly anticipated Space Invaders SOL NFT Collection. This unique collection features 20000 Space Invader In-Game NFT Avatars, all saved to IPFS through the Filecoin Blockchain and NFT storage. Each space invader NFT cost 0.01 SOL, making this an affordable yet exclusive way to experience classic arcade games in a new light!

The collection also comes with an in-game unity space invaders game where players can control a 3D space invader avatar in virtual reality. Players can explore different graphical representations of classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Blast Man, for a completely immersive experience that’s unlike any other! Eye of Unity Games will be releasing more collections of video game characters from popular franchises over time, so you’ll never run out of collections to choose from.

NFTs offer benefits that traditional gaming methods do not – they are one hundred percent owned by the individual who buys them and remain secure online as long as they are registered on the blockchain network - so gamers don’t have to worry about losing any digital items purchased or earned throughout their gaming journey. Additionally, these avatars are indestructible - meaning they won’t get lost or stolen due to errors within the system.

Apart from being extremely secure, NFTs are also incredibly scarce and valuable - making them an ideal asset for traders looking to diversify their portfolios and make money with cryptocurrency investments. As such, many gamers now prefer to invest in non-fungible tokens instead of traditional gaming assets like virtual currency or game items such as weapons or skins; it is much easier for gamers to protect their investments through using ownership proof platforms that confirm their identity and token ownership prior to trading or selling - something unheard of before cryptocurrency technology became mainstreamed.

Furthermore, NFTs play an important role in forming bonds between gamers; it is common practice for those serious about certain titles to exchange rare items with each other for fun or profit – this continues both online and offline, creating a community around digital assets that encourages collaboration among members rather than competition or hostility between players. With this new series of NFT collections by Eye of Unity Games, gamers no longer have to choose one type of collectible asset over another – they can have access to all types simultaneously!

Overall, the Space Invaders SOL NFT Collection by Eye of Unity Games is sure to become a cult classic amongst avid gamers everywhere – allowing them both financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading and personal enjoyment via collecting rare pieces themed after beloved video games!

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