The Rebirth NFT

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December 23, 2021 – December 30, 2021



The Rebirth Story:

In the year 3049, 8 influential cults announced their experiments to replicate “The Rebirth” - the eight spirited baby entities that have descended into Earth and vanished after 24 hours have been successful.With The Spirits, a synthetic compound developed to recreate “The Rebirth”, they were able to create 8 element collections of 500 baby prototypes, making up a total of 4000 baby prototypes.

In the 8 Spirit collections:
Aeris (Air), Fulmen (Lightning), Ignis (fire), Kaos (Chaos), Lux (Ascend), Repetito (Mystic), Stella (Space), Wæter (water),
there will be only 8 Pure Spirits, making them the rarest prototypes and 3992 Mixed Spirits prototypes! Each Baby Prototypes are unique, designed and engineered with 4000 possible prototypes weighted by rarity of traits. Traits include the baby's element, body, spikes, wings, textures and more. ​​​

When a baby prototype is adopted, a barrel of whisky is secured in Scotland to nurture the baby to grow. Once the whisky is redeemed by you, a physical bottle of exclusive and premium whisky straight from the cask in Scotland will be delivered to you and your baby prototype will transform into an ascended model NFT! The longer you wait to redeem, the higher the value of the whisky! ​

Why Private Sale?

-  ONLY time you can be guaranteed to mint the FULL SET of 8 baby prototypes (one from each cult) for 1.6ETH (0.2 * 8)

-  10,000 $MOVD tokens dropped for every private sale participant

-  Participants can EARN MORE $MOVD at the liquidity mining campaign held on Loopring L2 from December 23th to December 30th. Read about the rewards here:

-  Higher chance to win one of the 8 Pure "Spirits" NFTs

-  Receive Cult Elder Pass as an early minter 

-  Early Start on Re-trading

 Why does the 10,000 $MOVD matter?

The MOVE Network's MOVD tokens will be a part of Loopring's upcoming liquidity mining campaign, the biggest one of the year. The liquidity pair MOVD/ETH will be on Layer 2! This is your chance to join in the Holiday Trading Giveaway (600,000 USD in Prizes)

Remember: only those who hold at least 1 The Rebirth prototype NFT from all 8 "Spirits" (sub-series) will be eligible for a chance to win one of the 8 Pure Spirits (rarest of them all)

Private sale participants receive the Cult Elder Pass, a special token that allows for exclusive VIP access to all future events hosted by The Rebirth Project team. The token is also re-tradable!


- Each whitelisted address is limited to minting 1 set

- Addresses may only mint by the set

- 1 set = 8 NFT (containing one of each of the “Spirits” or sub-series)

- Batch mint = Bundle mint = Minting 1 set (8NFTs) @ 1.6ETH

- Cult Elders pass distributed following the private sale period



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