The Price Is Right NFT Collectibles

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July 15, 2022 – July 17, 2022





The US-originated The Price Is Right is one of the world's longest-running game shows of all time, and now, it’s coming to conquer the NFT realm. The show announced its NFT ambitions in February 2022, when it turned 50 years! Finally, the initiative has been brought to life by the show's producer Fremantle, timed to its brainchild's winter anniversary.

Thus, The Price Is Right is launching a premier collection of gamified NFTs in partnership with Theta Drop, Theta Labs’ carbon-free, low-cost blockchain NFT marketplace. The drop, titled Cliff Hangers, is running from July 15th.

The collection will include three different NFTs, with three exclusive designs and utilities. Firstly, there is a 1/1 exclusive NFT, dubbed Yodely Guy Prop that will be put up for auction. The winning bidder will take home the actual aluminum hand-painted Yodely Guy prop used while filming The Price is Right for many years. 

Further, come 1,000 Cliff Hangers Pack NFTs at $50 apiece. What's more, these NFTs are redeemable for the physical copy of the iconic pricing game. Open the pack, watch for the Yodel Guy to reach the top of the cliff, and achieve a "100% Success" trait to proceed with the Big Wheel game and Showcase Challenge, like in real life. Try your luck to mint a super-exclusive "100% Success" collectible from ‘The Price Is Right' collection for a chance of the big win.

And finally, there are open-editions of The Price is Right's “Come On Down” tokens with your own NFT Name Tag, like two peas in stock with those you have timelessly seen in the show. Keep this NFT, as you never know when you may need it in the challenges to come! These personalized NFTs drop at only $20 each.

On top of that the Price Is Right drop triggers a whole bunch of challenges on the way:

  • Big Wheel Challenge. Each Cliff Hangers has its "Success" trait. So, if you are lucky to get this “100%” Success trait, you can later use it to complete the Round 1 challenge and receive the “Showcase Showdown Big Wheel” NFT.
  • Showcase Challenge. All those lucky ones whose “Showcase Showdown Big Wheel” NFT has a “100% Success" trait will proceed with Round 2 to get a “Showcase Podium” NFT.
  • Plinko Chip Challenge. By analogy, those who get a 100%-trait “Showcase Podium” NFT will use it to enter the Round 3 challenge to grab a physical Plinko Chip.

Don't get upset in case your NFTs don't boast the “100% Success" trait. Thus, you can still claim TDROP consolation prizes via Challenges for “Showcase Showdown Big Wheel” and “Showcase Podium” NFTs. 

The Price Is Right Cliff Hangers collectibles are dropping just in no time. Grab yours and good luck!

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