The Martians Phase 1 Mint

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June 30, 2022 – July 07, 2022





The Martians is an NFT project influenced by colonization on Mars. It consists of 10,000 NFTs with hand-drawn traits over 300. The experienced team is doxed and strived to make your NFT experience astronomical.

Every holder will get incentives such as passive income and 1 of our holders will get a galactic virgin space ticket. The Martians are envisioned to provide the resources needed to empower youth in business and entrepreneurship, such as mentorship and money infusion in initiatives. If you join now you will get whitelisted without doing any of the tasks.

A comet threatens the inhabitants of Earth. Luckily the best of our civilization will embark on a journey. The journey is rough. Dangerous. Many say Impossible. Yet as the last of our civilization, we can only hope they reach our new home. And save our species from total annihilation. That's why we started the Martians, and why we are offering exclusive rewards for legendary Martians who save what's left of our civilization from total annihilation!


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