The Hierophant by Metageist

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May 03, 2021 – May 04, 2021






Metageist aka Lee Mason is coming back to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT collection. Titled ‘The Hierophant’, it will drop on May 3rd.

Metageist is a full-time VR artist and mixed reality speaker who has been exploring “metaverse native” art for 5 years. All of the characters and sculptures are created by Metageist for display in the metaverse. His artworks are always immersive, interactive, and unique.

“The Hierophant collection serves as a warning to all those who build in and enjoy the metaverse that we must avoid allowing the gatekeepers, middlemen, and overseers of the old world to mediate our experience of this new digital frontier” – the artist describes his drop.

The NFT collection by Metageist features three Cyclops artefacts – Bronze, Pearl, and Golden – that have been cast in a metal resin mix, individually hand-finished, and come complete with augmented reality.

One piece within the collection is ‘The Hierophant’ – a statue for the Metaverse that encapsulates belief systems and barriers.

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