The Great Bazaar Mint

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December 07, 2022 – December 14, 2022


Magic Eden



What is The Great Bazaar?

The Great Bazaar is a token market where you can buy and sell any Solana SPL token on the open market. Anybody can list a token in a safe and exclusive environment.

We have 2 tools live already. The open token market and a bulk NFT sender.

What are the Bazaar Beavers?

The Bazaar Beavers are a collection of 7777 beavers burrowing through the Solana ecosystem. They will grant access to a variety of tools, including early access and premium tooling.

The Bazaar Beavers have a few other surprises lined up. More will be announced soon.

The Mission

The mission is to build a variety of open-source tools, for builders and community members in the Solana ecosystem. The open token marketplace is the first of many tools and ideas in the pipeline.

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