Michael Owen endorsement brand NFT

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November 26, 2022 – December 03, 2022





Michael Owen endorsement brand and UK artist and 3D designer collabs project. A collection of 7,777 generative tofu NFT featuring:

- Tokenomics
- Token utilities
- Gacha balls game
- High-polygon 3D and wearable clothing NFT
- Mystery box function

Each NFT produces a different amount of $SOY tokens every day for free. No need staking.

- Buy - Gacha balls
- Claim - ChillingTofu metaverse wearable NFT
- Claim - Chilling Tofu X Anifa high-polygon 3D clothing NFT
- Mint - Umami-verse series NFT project
- Trade - CEX and DEX with liquidity provided
- Whitelist - Anifa token
- Shop - Chilling Tofu merchandise merch shop

The early-stage project was only public for seven days and received over 500 registration from PREMINT.
Whitelist link: https://www.premint.xyz/chilling-tofu-worldwide

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