The Diorama Affair

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July 13, 2022 – July 20, 2022





#1 Diorama

Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923) was an Impressionist painter from Valencia (Spain) with more than 2,200 works. He is considered a genius of painting for having been able to capture the “light moment”. One of his masterpiece is “Women walking on the beach (1909)”, where his wife and his daughter appear. Sorolla achieves a mastery in loose brushwork, light, color and movement. Although the painting must have been painted in his studio, in this Diorama I wanted to imagine the painting process on the beach, with all the life around.

About the project "The Diorama Affair"

Get ready for a time travel. We’ll visit great events in wich will be involved painters, actors, scientists, musicians, writers, politicians, celebrities, heroes, villains, and all this by joining two irresistible elements: Pixel & Diorama. This project is OPEN to your participation. Call it ROADMAP if you want to. Let’s create it together. For my part, I’m going to dedicate enthusiasm, time, effort, and hopefully talent, to creating Dioramas, adding them to this collection, and making them available at OpenSea. As the works increase their impact, and the Community gets bigger, let’s put our ideas in common and make this project bigger, more artistic and more significant.

About me

I’m in the law world, but I’m also an analog and digital illustrator. I draw since I was very young, it’s an essential part of my life. Technology and programming, too. I had my first contact with Pixel Art when I was 12 years old, back in 1988, when I was programming my own video games for Amstrad CPC 6128, drawing frame after frame in 8×8 grids. Since then, I try to combine the pleasure of analog illustration with the attention to detail of Pixel Art.

Tags: #art

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