The Devious Dead

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July 31, 2022 – August 07, 2022





The Devious Dead are a collection of 6,666 convicts in ghost form. They committed their crimes centries ago, and have been locked up in Etherium Penitentiary ever since. However recently, rumbles and cheers have been heard from the local abandoned Penitentiary and more damage can be seen from the... crimes are back up on the rise.... They've got out. And they need your help. Team up with a Deviant and get to the safe house. Teaming up with a Deviant will give you're more than on utility, you'll have access to mental health support, gym plans, meal preps and lots and lots of self development tools. You will also be automatically involved in mass ETH giveaways, mindset/financial/mental health book giveaways and Merch....

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