Sugar Coated Lies

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September 03, 2022 – September 10, 2022



strata is delighted to present Sugar Coated Lies, a new hybrid physical-digital NFT project by Argentinian artist Elisa Insua.

The works exist as hybrid physical-digital sculptures; 3 replicas of the buildings’ bases, made of candy encased in resin, and an AR experience. The physical artworks are available for sale, each completed by a digital sculpture in the strata mobile application. The digital elements of the artworks invite the viewers to become active participants in Sugar Coated Lies and activate the world-famous buildings. The application users have the opportunity to place AR versions of the digital sculptures in a new environment and explore the discrepancies and juxtapositions which are activated through Elisa Insua’s work.

The 3 artworks along with a limited series of 300 smaller-sized mosaic tiles are for sale and will be available to purchase via the Sugar Coated Lies website from September 1, 2022. All owners will gain exclusive artworks to strata’s mobile application and will be able to enjoy the artworks’ digital components. Mosaic tiles start at 1 ETH. Enquire about prices of 1-of-1 bases sculptures.

For Sugar Coated Lies, we are conscious of the energy impact caused by blockchain technologies. As a core element of this project, for every NFT purchased, we will protect 10m² of the forest through Banco de Bosques, a wildlife protection organization based in Argentina.

Sugar Coated Lies exhibition is on view until 11th September 2022 at the KYOTO ART CENTER.

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