StonersRock Minting Day! Come Celebrate!!!!

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July 13, 2021 – July 14, 2021



StonersRock is a unique 10,420 NFT Drop!

Stoners Rock so why wouldn't we represent all Stoners with their own special Rock! We have designed unique rocks and names for each and every Stoner and will be opening up minting July 13th at 4:20 pm EST. All minting will occur at with a special gifting feature and giveaway!

"Pass the Stoner" is played by minting on-site and sending to a friend's wallet! Send 3 get a StonerRock exclusive sticker or Pass 5 and receive a Stoners Hat!

We are involved in many similar communities in the NFT space and love them all, but ours is geared towards one singular connection, Weed!! We hope that we can bridge more none NFT owners through this one shared mindset and build the largest Stoner community in the Metaverse (largest avatar smokeout?). The team is committed to building and has many fun events and launches planned for our owners!

Total Supply: 10420
Price: 0.042069 ETH

Oh and do not sell a rock till 20% sold as we have some secrets for some rocks!

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