Stone Pets

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August 02, 2022 – August 02, 2022





Stone pets are a ambitious collection of 8,000 NFTs Living in Mainnet Ethereum

Stone Pets is a unique collection inspired by the famous Bored Ape Club, Ether rock and Crypto Punk collections, following this line we want to give collectors a complete metaverse based on Stones

Our web site:

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Be part of a great community. Have access to our VIP area for having a stone, where you can carve your stone with a unique message that will remain for posterity. You will be able to geolocate your stone in the world and earn hundreds of equippable and usable accessories for your stones through the achievements section. You will be able to level up and stat your stones to face a challenging game in the purest "Vampire Survivors" style.

We will also have a charity section where we will periodically make donations to different NGOs and investigations by community vote.

For Hold a stone you will also receive rewards periodically

Roadmap on our website

Mint realease date: 23-07-22 10:00 PM GMT

Mint Prices:

Range Cost 0-999 0.05 Eth 1000-3999 0.1 Eth 4000-5999 0.2 Eth 6000-7499 0.4 Eth 7500-8000 0.6 Eth

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