Stars and Dark

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March 23, 2023 – March 30, 2023









The first launch of into the micron, the artworks collections regarding the microworld of our cells body. The life’s art presents the fist sale of the stars and dark collection.

At the moment, 58 artworks divided in 3 collections: first love, stars and dark and landscapes and amenity are available.

But soon new collections, directly from our nervous system will be on site!

The pictures are unique because derive from biopsies treated with immunohistochemical procedure and analyzed with a confocal microscopy. They represent a snapshot in the cells life. The biological meaning of the picture is revealed only to the buyer.

The buyers of the nfts, not only enriched their collection of an unrepeatable and outstanding artwork but they will participate in to substain the progression of the science. The project is created by an italian researcher working in the field of neurodegeneration with a double aim, on the one hand it could be a way to improve the funding for research to the other a way for scientific dissemination and to bring people toward a microworld never seen before. 

To realize each digital picture, histological and chemical procedures combined with sophisticated technology and a great dose of ability and creativity are employed

This project represents the first meeting between science and digital art!

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