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December 04, 2021 – December 05, 2021



Spartana is an NFT collection project developed on Solana blockchain. Each model and attribute has been carefully designed by our professional illustrator, in order to offer you unique and original content.

The universe of this collection is centered on spartans inspired by the movie 300 and its cult characters like King Leonidas, who has his own model in the collection, but also by all blockchain references that you will discover through the adventure.

The collection includes 1000 Spartana, with 10 commanders which will be unveiled one by one during the month of November and 300 spartans who will be recognizable by their red cape. Each model will have attributes randomly generated via an algorithm. The higher the item’s average rarity is, the more the value of this one may increase.

More than 60 attributes have been carefully chosen by the team, illustrated by a professional designer and are classified from common to legendary for the rarest.

8 attribute slots that have their own rarity system including background, back, eyes, head, mouth, chest, right hand and left hand, which with random generation will make each piece truly unique.

One of the project’s pillar is to reward the Spartana community and evolve with your participation, you can check our current roadmap on wich will evolve according to your ideas.

Prepare for glory Spartans !


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