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October 08, 2021 – October 14, 2021





SolSheep is a SocialFi NFT platform that allows social interactions in a DeFi + NFT world. Each SolSheep is a ticket to our HODL-to-earn mechanism and allows participation in the construction of four revolutionary SolSheep Kingdoms (think DAOs). After minting 10,000 SolSheeps, each Kingdom (easily identified by background colors of each SolSheep NFTs) will form a social hierarchy that is completely driven by SolSheep holders. Four kingdoms will be created based on the background color of your SolSheep.

At initial minting, drawing KingSheep or HeroSheep will give you a large chunk of NFT sale proceeds. After minting, holding each SolSheep will give you a varying economic return (KingSheep can have more!) based on decentralized marketplace transaction volume. SolSheep Fund will be set up from the remaining royalties fees and be completely managed by the community to purchase other Solana NFTs.

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