Slime Time

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February 07, 2022 – February 14, 2022






There will be 5000 mints available to mint directly from this website. They will be distributed across 3 different days.

(Dates will be announced soon).

1st Release: .1 ETH (2000 mints)

2nd Release: .12 ETH (1500 mints)

3rd Release: .14 ETH (1500 mints)


All SLIMES will be revealed once the collection is bought out entirely! (unless otherwise specified). 

You will then be able to view your SLIMES properties and rarity! There are over many different properties, and no two SLIMES will ever be the same!

Scavenger hunt ($125,000 in prizes)

Here's the exciting part! Everybody who is holding a SLIME will be qualified to enter in the FIRST & CRAZIEST crypto scavenger hunt ever to take place in the United States.. maybe even the world!

Across 48 states, (AK and HI not included), there will be secret packages that will be available to locate with CLUES provided after all SLIMES have been minted and revealed.

In all 48 states, there will be a package containing a secret 1 time key and contact info to the FOUNDER of the project. If found, you will be awarded with $2000 IN ETH. 

You read that correctly! $2000 IN ETH per package per state.

Additionally, one of the packages will hold a SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE of $25,000 in ETH!

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