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March 24, 2023 – March 31, 2023





Each Sketro World NFT is designed with unique characteristics and some are rarer than others. When you purchase one of our digital assets, you receive full ownership rights and become a member of our exclusive community.
Sketro was born from the idea of two friends with the hope of making the impossible possible!
Sketro is a dream but it is also a philosophy, it transforms a conceptually negative idea into a positive one. From life to death.
As you may be wondering...
Well the skeleton is always to be considered a negative and death symbol, we thought of it as a symbol of life and joy. Sketros can be hippies, serious, demonic but also angelic, they can be sweet or very bad but the result will be the same or play down the negative image one has of death and the skeleton.
We are two simple dreamers, who would like to make their ideas an ideal of the NFT world, be able to make their lives revolve around Sketro and share the power of hope, the art of still being able to dream, with all future members of the community at any age.

Browse the collection below, find a character who speaks to you and connect your digital wallet to make the purchase of a lifetime right on our site
The goal is to create at least 10k of Sketro!!!

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