Sisterhood Club

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September 23, 2022 – September 30, 2022





Sisterhood Club is launching a collection of 1,111 first edition Sister NFTs granting lifetime access to Sisterhood School, our online growth platform. 
Courses Include;

Business and Career:

The Instagram for Business Academy - with Casey Iola

How to Land Your Dream Job - Georgie Hubbard

Relationships and Parenting:

Cultivating Conscious Children: A Revolutionary Approach to Bully-Proofing your Young Children - Erika Elmuts

How to Stop Hating Your Body: The Ultimate Guide to Body Acceptance - Rosie Leach

Money and Finance:

Shares 101 - Lacey Filipich

Guide to Investing - Lacey Filipich

Budget Course - Lacey Filipich

Buy Now Pay Later Course - Lacey Filipich


The Journey Back to Yourself: A Deep Dive into What is Holding You Back - Rosie Leach

The Mindset Shift - Rosie Leach

50+ Meditations - Georgie Hubbard


40+ Workouts, including Yoga, Barre and HIIT - Alysha Sladden


 What is the cost of a Sister?

1,111 Sister NFT will be available for mint for those on the Golden Goddess List for the equivalent of $400 in $ETH (plus gas fees - processing fees) ETH price will be taken 24hrs prior to mint on September 22nd 2022. 

Our public sale will happen 24hrs after our GG list. The public mint price will be $450.

 Each Sister NFT will grant immediate access to Sisterhood School

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