Sigma Cats Society

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February 26, 2022 – March 05, 2022





9.5k Sigma Cats have joined the game and are here to take advantage of the blockchain to give their holders a lot of benefits:

-Passive income for life through solid investmenst in the metaverse.

-Access to an amazing business/investment community and real life luxury parties all around the world.

-Being able to mint their brothers once they come to the metaverse, the Sigma Cats 3D.

-Amazing giveaways between holders, like the first one (a luxury car) that is live now between their first 1500 NFTs.

If you are reading this you are early to the project, take advantage of the 500 first mints at 75% off.

Stage 1: 500 NFTs at 75% off for early supporters.

Stage 2: Advertisement in social media.

Stage 3: 1000 NFTs at 50% off.

Stage 4: Luxury car giveaway for the firsts 1500 NFTs.

This is not like cripto punks or bored ape yacht club, here you can mint NFTs of 4 different tiers, from basic (7800 NFTs) to diamond (only 200 NFTs), each of them with different benefits.

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