SHIKIGAMI by MasterChew

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June 14, 2021 – June 15, 2021





Robert Chew aka MasterChew, concept artist, illustrator, and creator releases an NFT Collection. Titled ‘SHIKIGAMI’, it drops on June 14th on Robert is passionate about blending c sci-fi and fantasy elements with cultural tropes and themes. Applying this technique, the artist manages to create exciting and thought-provoking concepts.

“I create and explore new ideas. Working for my personal and creative freedom” – tells Robert’s Instagram BIO.

‘SHIKIGAMI’ NFT Collection is the Japanese mythology and Yokai lore through a military sci-fi lens.

“The world of Shikigami centers around Yokai teaming up with Onmyouji to protect their shrines and the visitors who come to worship at them” – MasterChew describes the collection.

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