Sesame Street's Cookie Monster NFT on VeVe

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March 19, 2023 – March 26, 2023






VeVe is bringing nostalgic vibes to the NFT universe with the recent digital collectible drop featuring the most loved Cookie Monster character from the Sesame Street kid's brand. To make this possible, the NFT platform has joined efforts with the non-profit behind Sesame Street — Sesame Workshop.

The Cookie Monster NFT collectible with 5,555 editions will be the first in the series of Sesame characters released through the VeVe app later in 2023. The drop, featuring the blue furry friend, is scheduled for March 19th, running with a stated price tag of $60 per token.

According to Jennifer Ahearn, Sesame Workshop’s VP of global strategic partnerships and themed entertainment, the first collaborative Sesame Street x VeVe NFT is a perfect way to give a nod to the show's long-living legacy and provide fans with a new way to show their love for the show's iconic characters.

With multiple top-notch collaborations, including Disney, Warner Bros.,Marvel, DC, and others under its belt, VeVe firmly holds the title of the most popular mobile NFT trading app available on iOS and Android devices. According to VeVe co-founder and COO Dan Crothers, they can't wait to add one of the most iconic children's brands that ever existed, Sesame Street, to the back burner of the application's partners. 

After the release, The Cookie Monster NFT will be available in VeVe's virtual showrooms and can be traded on the secondary markets. 

Make use of the non-fungible ticket to your childhood upon joining Sesame Street's Cookie Monster NFT mint on VeVe!

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