The Final Epic Road Trip NFT Drop by Lamborghini

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March 20, 2023 – March 23, 2023




Lamborghini's Epic Road Trip NFT campaign is approaching its final destination, marking the eighth drop timed to the automobile maker's 60th Diamond jubilee. Thus, the eight-month web3 foray that started back in August 2022, is coming to an end, celebrating the full-cycle web3 campaign.

The Epic Road Trip web3 project was developed in partnership with web3-focused company INVNT.ATOM and Web3 Pro. The campaign's main goal is to provide the collectors of digital memorabilia with access to supreme utilities and experiences, including an opportunity to preview a new Lamborghini model before the official release. 

The previous seven drops have already passed with four NFTs released monthly during a 24-hour timeframe, showcasing Lamborghini's commitment to cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Currently, the last eighth drop is preparing for the start on March 20th, veiling exclusive branded bonus content for the minters.

The whole NFT series is limited to only 1,963 assets based on three items for $196.30 apiece, while the fourth and the rarest NFT will be available in only 63 editions at $1,963. The tokens will be released during a three-day period. By the end of the campaign, those collectors who manage to gather all the monthly NFTs issued, which are either base tokens or base ones plus the limited edition, will be airdropped with a special digital collectible revealing the next Lamborghini model. 

Other perks and utilities awaiting The Epic Road Trip NFT holders, depending on their level of ownership, are as follows:

  • Access to a holder-only gated Discord channel
  • High-res mobile and desktop wallpapers
  • Centro Stile sketch from Mitja Borkert, Head of Design
  • GLB file for Lamborghini buyers for a supreme metaverse experience
  • An exclusive tour of the Lamborghini Sant’Agata headquarters
  • An opportunity to have a glance at the latest Lamborghini model
  • An AMA-style session with senior Lamborghini executives to delve into the brand's history and future 

While Lamborghini's 60th anniversary will occur on May 6th, the celebration will be accessible to both Lamborghini owners and The Epic Road Trip NFT holders. Foreseeing the upcoming jubilee, Christian Mastro Marketing Director of Automobili Lamborghini, said: “The Epic Road Trip is the latest example of our unconventional approach which has powered us for six decades. As we celebrate 60 years of forward-looking attitude, we want to reward customers and fans of the past, present, and future for their loyalty — giving them the chance to get further involvement and connection with the Brand.”

Additionally, on February 23rd, the global community of Lambo holders started the brand's anniversary celebration beforehand with over 280 Lamborghinis gathered at the Suzuka Circuit racetrack in Japan. Thus, 251 Lambos in total drove a racetrack, making it the “largest parade of Lamborghini cars,” according to Guinness World Records.

The visitors of the Lamborghini dealerships as well as the attendees of the anniversary celebrations will be offered to collect a festive NFT upon scanning a QR code. At the same time, the commemorative collectible will be airdropped to The Epic Road Trip holders of at least two of eight NFTs throughout the campaign.

The 8th final drop of The Epic Road Trip culminates on March 20th - 23rd giving everyone the last chance to enter the token-gated Lamborghini community so far. According to Lamborghini officials, The Epic Road Trip is only one in a series of campaigns in the carmaker's web3 race. Thus, the brand keeps developing its community, with a plethora of top-notch engagements and experiences to be announced in a while. Keep your ears to the ground!

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