The Sacred Rorsachs

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November 07, 2021 – November 13, 2021





In addition to NFT giveaways and exclusive limited releases, Early Adopters of our project will have the chance to earn monetary rewards. Proceeds for every 500 ETH in Opensea sales will yield a 10% profit share raffle available exclusively to Sacred Rorschach token holders. Ten wallets will be randomly selected to split 20% of these proceeds, with one entry per token held. 

In future limited NFT releases, a portion of the tokens will be airdropped exclusively to Sacred Rorschach holders with the remainder reserved to members who did not receive an airdrop. These limited release tokens will count as two submissions to all future profit shares. 

Profit Sharing is limited to holders of Sacred Rorschach and Limited Rorschach tokens. Profits will not just be shared from the secondary sales of The Sacred/Limited Rorschachs, but all future projects sponsored by our team. When future projects are released, Rorschach NFT wallets will have a 20% profit share raffle for each project. Our team is already actively working with multiple artists to help them release the popular NFT medium of PFP (profile picture) art. Profit share for future projects will adhere to the same format as the current profit share. 

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