Reptilians Around The World

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





The first collection of Reptilians on the platform and the world on ETH is 10,000 unique combinations with unique rarities without any repetition thanks to a generation code.

There are 17 Reptilian races that arrived on our planet thousands of years ago and are among us

like normal people hidden in the shadows from a grandmother to great kings.

The first 5,000 Reptilians are now available this open get yours


Flat 0.0001 ETH up to 1 ETH

The next 5,000 Reptilians will be available 02/28/2022

I hope this project will help me pay for my uncle's treatment in a psychiatric hospital as he was in a car accident that cracked his head open and almost died a couple of years ago after the accident he developed mental problems and nowadays he needs special care that Unfortunately we cannot pay. I will upload more of your story on instagram as documents so you can see that it is a real case, thank you very much for your support. God bless you!

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