Rebel cartel

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022



In a time long ago, humans were manipulated and controlled by two powerful guilds who ruled over transportation, culture, and commerce. To keep the masses subservient, the guilds made sure important information was censored and powerful knowledge withheld at all costs. And so it was, until the Rebel Sage recovered one of the most cherished and secret books from the Guild of Imperial Truth.

The Rebel Sage committed herself to spreading this knowledge across the land by developing a wildly successful series of Dragon Games. In these games contestants wore elaborate masks to maintain the anonymity of all contestants. For generations these beautiful masks became a symbol of freedom, prosperity, and sovereignty.

Rebel Cartel is a Glasshaus Studios Production, an epic saga of this era, and of all times where oppression and inequality predominate. We derive our support and resources from, a 501 (c3), 50,000+ member NFT community, one of the largest in the world. Merging transmedia storytelling with a community-sourced production style, REBEL CARTEL promises to be the next evolution in NFTs. By uniting community under a special purpose, our goal is to produce the most badass narrative content of our generation.

To participate in our presale and join our production studio as a creative, producer or player, you must obtain a Dragon Mask NFT, which can be purchased in our three-tiered open mint on both the Ethereum and Solana block chains, capped at 10k. Holding a Dragon Mask NFT, in addition to offering amazing discounts on our upcoming pfp mint, provides you with:

Red Mask (creatives) … intro into our community  and priority access to our Discord channel for special requests, and lifetime studio access and behind-the-scenes exclusives with first look opportunities at future studio projects with a chance to pitch your own. 

Gold Mask (producers) … all the above, plus one-on-one consultations in network and priority access to production teams.

Ice Mask (creatives and producers) … the above, plus a free pfp and opportunity to pitch and incubate your own storyworld transmedia; you will also be automatically entered into raffles for free pfps from our marketing clients. 

VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURAL WORKSHOPS … Be a part of the sculpturing and creative building of storyworlds, obtain IP rights and gain unique privileges to additional content. You’ll also have direct access to studio creators.

ROYALTY FREE MUSIC … to use for your NFT soundtracks, made by our Resident Producer Glassy Music and friends.

DECENTALIZED MUSIC LABEL … Keep your copyrights, learn how to grow your fanbase, engage in music incubator cohorts, get your music placed among other NFT collections or in our curated and promoted music releases, including mixtapes, eps, and special music discovery airdrops.

VIP IRL/METAVERSE EVENTS … To prove we aren't messing around, we dropped our project into the public awareness with a 5-yacht stealth launch party down the river Miami and into the Biscayne Bay. Many more IRL and XR events are already in production. Rebel Cartel sculpts legendary moments. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP … You will receive special roles and channels on Rebel Cartel Discord, influence game and challenge design/production, notices of IRL (in real life) meetups and RSVPs to live and metaversal events, in real life games and quests.

FRONT ROW TO WHITELISTS + SPECIAL PARTNER AIRDROPS … You’ll get special early access to whitelists and presales of new community collectible drop, discounts, and lifetime digital and physical airdrops.

DAYUMMM that’s a lot of utility for a li’l ol’ Dragon Mask…

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