Rare Creatures

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June 30, 2022 – July 07, 2022

About Rare Creatures. We want to make the defi less risky, more attractive and useful for everyone. With these NFTs, we will cover each of the parts that decentralized finance contains in 1 single investment. 

A lottery where you can play to win just by having a Rare Creatures. 

Passive income in one of the strongest currencies in the market BNB. 

Donations to non-profit projects and communities. 

The famous metaverse and non-fungible token.

We are a collection of rare creatures that with their abilities make you generate rewards as long as you own them. There will be 5 different creatures, each with 2000 unique NFT. Each creature will have its own season to have a total of 10,000 collectible NFTs which generate passive income directly to your wallet, much safer, easier and more effective for all owners.

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