Quiltblocks Curated

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September 24, 2021 – September 28, 2021





Quiltblocks is a generative art project by Katherine Elizabeth inspired by barn quilts of the Southern Appalachian mountains. The script sets the shapes, colors, and patterns for each block when it is randomly created. There are 105 Quiltblocks curated in the first generation.

Simplicity at its purest, Quiltblocks are inspired by barn quilts found throughout southeastern Appalachia. Each block contains randomly generated shapes & colors in randomized configurations. Vanilla JS generated Quiltblocks reside on the Polygon blockchain and unlockable content includes a link to a 7200 x 7200 PNG file.

105 generation one blocks are simple, solid shapes and colors. Generation two blocks have patterns incorporated into the design. Generation one holders will be airdropped a Generation two NFT when they are released. There will be 215 second-generation blocks.

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