Purple World

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January 21, 2023 – January 28, 2023





Purple World Core Idea is People & Their Stories 

Mental Health | Compassion | People | Meaningfulness | Sustainable 

We believe that everyone has a unique and powerful story and we make books based on Real Life stories in different niches and publish it both in real life & in NFT space

Mental Health stories, is a book made from the personal sharings of many people showing the first-hand perspective of different mental health challenges. The core idea of this book is to break the taboo and talk about mental health

Artists Life, a book compiled with many different artists' personal sharing, life, emotion, passion, journey and Art into a book

These are the first 2 books we will work on but this journey keeps going and we will do more than just this, each niche we explore with our books we will do more than just the book

With mental health, we want to work on creating Peer Self help groups, Art therapies, and few other things to create a better support system in Web3 

The core idea is to create a meaningful project that is sustainable and provides value back to our community, we got more exciting things that haven't been revealed yet !!

Come join us in this exciting and meaningful journey filled with passion and love 


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