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April 02, 2022 – April 09, 2022





NFT Meets Fitness Pumped Shiba is here to build the missing bridge between the fitness and sports industry, and the fantastic world of cryptoassets. The team, consisting of sports scientists, nutrition experts and NFT artists, aims to create real, tangible utility for the community. Depending on the NFT features, the Pumped Shiba NFTs will have real-life utilities, namely:

• Personalized workout and nutrition plans • Gym memberships and gift vouchers • Tickets to sports events and e-sports events • Raffles and lotteries • Personal video calls with professionals All NFT holders will be part of the Pumped Shiba NFT club - THE GYM. THE GYM members will have exclusive access to future NFT collection airdrops, a VIP group, and annual in-person community events such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, beach vacation, active vacation in the mountains, house parties and more. Furthermore, NFT holders are granted voting rights for charity fund allocations such as donations to associations that promote sports and health for those in need, donations to rehabilitation centers, and donations to local sports associations. Eventually, NFT holders will be provided with early access to the Pump-to-Earn (P2E) game. P.S.: 100% of some of the NFT sales will be donated to war victims in Ukraine (funds such as Come Back Alive, Red Cross Ukraine and UkraineDefenseFund. We stand with our brothers and sisters fighting from freedom, sovereignty, and the right to self-determination. The team behind Pumped Shiba commits itself to contribute to the end of war.

Join us on Discord and let's get pumped, wealthy and healthy! 

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