PorcoCorpo Collection

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January 20, 2023 – January 27, 2023









This collection of only 6 NFTs is unique and exclusive. The paintings you see represented really exist, but can only be owned through these NFTs. In fact, once you purchase your NFT you will become the only person in the world entitled to witness the destruction of the original work. At that point, only your NFT will remain, which you can dispose of at your convenience.

Wherever you want or where you live, even in the North Pole, once I have purchased the NFT, I will take the original painting, get into my car, go to the train station and then to the airport to board. I'll stop over, change planes, then another and if needed another one. I'll take a bus, a taxi, or rent an off-road vehicle, a motorbike, a bicycle. I will walk if necessary. When you are available, I will ring at your door with the painting under my arm and in a safe place, I will light the canvas and burn it in front of your eyes. Promised.

Tags: #art

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