Pixel Skull Art Collective: Collectors Club Exhibition

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July 01, 2022 – July 08, 2022




Pixel Skull, a collective of global creatives and creators, is launching its art space and NFT platform with a debut exhibition. „Skulls“ will showcase the 444 digital NFT artworks made by 52 interdisciplinary artists from around the globe. The platform’s goal: a new destination for art collectors and artists. Pixel Skull puts artists first by providing them with a virtual 3D museum space - without the need for additional soft- or hardware. The collective will serve as a matchmaker between artists & art enthusiasts, skipping the traditional middle-men. It provides artists with easy access to Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Sales, and art collectors acquiring digital art (NFTs).

The first exhibition will be hosted in a skull-shaped museum made out of 16 rooms, each of them displaying a curation of works from established artists including Jonathan Calugi (Italy), Moriuo (Japan), John Ritter (US), Marta Veludo (Portugal), Kera (Germany), and Eduardo Foresti (Brazil) – and emerging creators alike. The twist - prices will be the same for each artwork. Each buyer will become a part of a group of collectors that will get exclusive access to future collections.

About Pixel Skull

The core Pixel Skull crew is a group of creative professionals from around the globe, with a vast portfolio of projects and experience. They are on a mission to liberate the elite art market through an easy-to-access bridge between artists and collectors. The Pixel Skull Art Collective invites artists and collectors to experience a collective journey through art — exploring the new depth of the metaverse through NFTs and VR exhibitions, digital fashion & performances. It also aims to connect the digital and the real world through physical exhibitions, events, and speaker series. Our key principles are inclusivity, community, curiosity, creativity, and freedom.

The Event Link is not live yet, we'll launch it on the day of launch. It's a virtual museum experience, connecting the NFT artworks back to the minting site. Thanks

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