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November 17, 2022 – November 24, 2022




Ethereum is soon-to-be licensed (Curacao gambling licence) social gambling platform, with a solid legal background, extending the classic online experience with WEB3 features: NFT games, no house fee & rewards for holders. Our product is in the BETA phase now, meaning our users can sign up, deposit either ETH or PEPEBET (our coin: and start betting on various competitions. PEPEBET is an ERC20-based project that was fair launched 3 weeks ago on USDC pair. So far we have grown organically with little marketing. We will roll out more and more games in the upcoming weeks. From the WEB3 perspective, we are going to implement smart contract-based games, and a passwordless login system and we offer token staking - we are sharing 50% of the house income into a pool.

The main thing that differentiates us from other online casinos is the WEB3 features: "I think the fact that by staking you can be a "shareholder" or an "owner" of the PEPEBET casino yourself is a pretty cool selling point."

Here comes the NFT in picture, that is basically our next step. The theme of the project is the Football World Cup that starts on 20th of November

864 NFTs which has several utilities (will clarify it of course if we are able to do a collab)

0.0777 is the mint price

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