Panda Jewels

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March 07, 2023 – March 10, 2023




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Panda Jewels is a collection of 2222 animated 3D NFTs created by the award-winning international visual artist Alvaro Martín Treviño. The collection breathes an ecological concept, that we consider endangered animals the authentic jewels of this world, this collection is a tribute to them.

Panda Jewels is the beginning of the new generation amid the chaos of AI and ML driven culture of humans. This is the time to get your own Panda Jewel as a custom collectible NFT, which is your safe entry into the “Pandaverse” in the second level.  We are creating with a prestigious metaverse studio a multiplayer-futuristic colorful jungle with glittery environment like the panda jewels. Each user will play with his/her Nft as character. In the Pandaverse there are no battles, all holders will build together a new and better world. The player who is more experienced, has certain level, means he can do tasks much quicker than other players. As they play, they get certain points, which they can use in order to customize their characters or exchange them for prizes. Each Panda Jewel is composed of minerals, like; Diamond, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Quartz, Turquoise, Opal...and more than 50 different types of minerals.

Panda Jewels are complex pieces of art, have been taken more than a year to make all the collection, each Panda Jewel is made and painted with extreme care and affection. Panda Jewels will bring its holders "Love", "Light" and “Peace”, and also they will gain access to our wonderful alpha community.

Panda Jewels holders will give 1 Free mint Panda Jewel for the second generation.

Golden Pandas are hidden in the collection and them contain great powers that become prizes for whoever finds them. Special gifts such as merchandising, caps, T-shirts and high quality miniatures of Panda Jewels are waiting for those find them.

We will make different donations to organizations that work for the protection of animals, especially those that are in danger of extinction.Panda Jewels wants to create a long-term Alpha-Community, where it will be centralized in own ecological and futuristic Jungle,  “Pandaverse”. 

Total Supply 2222

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