Pachainko Crypto

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November 17, 2022 – November 24, 2022



Pachainko is a character and a collection of products. The collection includes:

-$PAKO, our utility token: governance, gamified staking, wager and in-game currency. Launching for presale on Pinksale KYC soon!

-Crypto Kings Battleground: Our NFT-based gaming with settings and characters from Pachainko's Crypto Adventures, our original cryptocurrency-influenced creation. Built by registered German company, Forge 21, creators of Volt Inu's game and Hanzo MMORPG.

-Pachainko Founders NFT: Includes subscription for 10 comics, access to Crypto Kings Battleground, designed by Hato Mato of StrayDogz and Dogz(H)ateNFTs

-Pachainko: The Comics: Series created by Hato Mato and written by Kenneth Michael. Join our character, Pachainko, a silly but nice crypto investor in his crypto-influenced adventures from poverty to Crypto King.

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