Ozworld Ai-Generated PFPs by adidas Originals

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April 28, 2022 – May 05, 2022




After a series of stellar merges and collaborations, adidas Originals is here with another next-gen project. Thus, on April 15th the brand launched "the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform", in collaboration with Ready Player Me, dubbed Ozworld. The brand's partner is a cross-app avatar platform that allows users to jump from one metaverse project to another preserving their identity.

Thus, Ozworld is an avatar-generative metaverse-compatible platform allowing users to experiment with their outlooks, including trying on their favorite Ozworld footwear silhouette, although the NFT PFP will have no legs. Really, why may one need them in the metaverse?

All avatars will be animated with a one-of-a-kind unique opportunity to try on brand-new adidas sneakers and shop them IRL. After the NFT GIFs and stickers deploy, users will be able to upload them to their Socials or walk their new identities in multiple metaverse spaces.

Moreover, to reward the community, adidas Originals will provide a unique early-access URL to both adiClub Members and adidas NFT holders. The URL aims to allow the community members to the one-and-only Ai-generated NFT Avatars, which will be activated for installation on about 1,500 metaverse projects on April 28th.

For now, it’s unknown regarding the holder’s possibility to sell their personal NFT avatars in the future. But, looking back at the brand’s prior endeavors in web3, it’s going to be a totally mind-blowing project.

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