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September 15, 2022 – September 22, 2022


Magic Eden



Mint proccess 

This is how the mint portion of the project has been distributed in order to fully realize our objective

-creat privat channel for our vip 

-holders can vote on vital project decisions. 

-starting our  vip raffles with big sol amounts heart (starting form 1 sol) in this channel gemtada・vip-giveaways 

-raffles will be everyday starting from this day 

-reveal the first vip list that will recieve our weekly sol payment depends on our volume (holders will receive 50% of of volume royalties in sol every week.)

-listing directly to magiceden & other secondary marketplaces 

-starting our staking process snake

-holder verification will be a matrice verfication to get your  vip so make sure you have the amount of nfts

Here’s how revenue from our volume will be distributed for the project. 

It's simple if : we are taking 10 percent fo every sale in the markets , that's our revenue from this project so if we hit 1k in our volume so it's 100 sol in profits so 50 sol will be splitted equally between our @ vip 

We have just 100 spots and we are sure that we will moon so in the gen2 we will add some more vips 

Don't miss this we have a good vision and we dream to make this really happen

Tags: #dao

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