Melody Girls

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September 15, 2022 – September 22, 2022





Newmisma rocks Web3 Communities with the “Melody Girls” NFT Collection

On September 12, 2022, Newmisma, the Web3 Platform for the Comics Community, will launch their second collection of 48 original NFTs: “Melody Girls.”

Hand-drawn by the acclaimed Anglo-French graphic artist Christopher, “Melody Girls” is a tribute to the influence music has on pop culture.

This collection of original artworks is available exclusively on, the premier platform using Web3 and blockchain technologies to unite and reward comics artists, collectors, and fans. 

48 unique, hand-drawn NFTs to bridge the worlds of comics and Pop Music

Christopher has been in the comics industry for over 30 years and has more than 45 albums to his name. He loves intertwining the themes of music and drawing, weaving musical references into much of his work. He believes music is the perfect companion to comic panels, like a soundtrack accompanying the different scenes of a story.

Combining his two passions for music and comics, Christopher took an original approach to music legend legacies, from rock gods like AC/DC to rap legends like Snoop Dogg and everything in between. He shows us the visual impact music and artists have on fans and popular culture, capturing instantly recognizable styles and references that are a part of our shared collective.

“Melody Girls” presents 48 original avatars in Christopher’s vibrant pop-art style. With this collection, he expands on the universe created in his first NFT “From Williamsburg Bridge,” an homage to Edward Hopper that sold out in just a few hours in April 2022. Where his first illustration was a chorus of voices coming together, “Melody Girls” gives each of those voices a chance to stand out in their own solo.

Unique Perks and Benefits to the buyers: Accessing a whole new world of interactions

NFTs are not just pieces of digital art. While you can use these avatars as digital profile pictures or print and hang them at home, the real advantage of NFT certificates is their use as digital keys to access exclusive interactions and experiences.

The Melody Girls collection will kick off an ambitious new series of events and experiences involving the artist: Q&A sessions, exclusive conversations, signing events and more.

For Christopher, NFTs are the newest addition in the storytellers toolbox: “When you think about comics, it’s not just about drawing, but also about telling a story. We need to think of NFTs as a new support for creating stories. Beyond graphic novels, beyond comic books, we need to create with all the possibilities that are open to us.”

Newmisma: the platform launching comics into the Web of tomorrow

Launched in April ‘22, Newmisma’s ambition is to open a new page in the world of comics by utilizing the best of blockchain technologies. Newmisma’s primary goals include: growing the current use cases for NFTs and art, empowering the comics communities, and developing a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds.

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