Nifty DJs

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September 29, 2021 – October 06, 2021





Get ready to pump up the NFT metaverse!

20 mysterious consoles have been found on the Ethereum blockchain. They seem to play each one a different Electro Dance Music original track, and 10.000 programmatically generated DJs NFT are coming to turn them on. A race will take place and only the best Nifty DJ will reach the first position on the official top 100 Metaverse DJ becoming a legend in the NFT music space! 

Nifty DJs are playable! An interactive player appears on the NFTs, and when you press Play music, an animation makes them alive! We bring the EDM culture in the NFT metaverse: 20 original tracks from 20 different EDM styles, from Deep House to Hardcore.

Instant reveal, no metadata leaks, 400 pre-sold, 192 traits + 20 tracks in 8 categories with different rarity scores.

Join the party and feel the vibe of EDM pouring through the metaverse!

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