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March 02, 2023 – March 09, 2023





This is nibiru a new work of art.  

It is an abstract creation that illustrate a distopic imaginary vision of an alien planet, where biological organisms took on life. Plants, clouds, soil, all together, mixed up in order to generate a dispersive perception of reality in the observer. Everything is distorted and fluid as it was conflowing and aggregating under the pressure of the gravitation force. The observer have to imagine to be on a spaceship, and being getting closing to the planet; slowly.

My goal creating this work was to shove you up into a fantastic world, where an infinite number of wonderful adventure are waiting for you all. The colors have been choosen to drag you into a dream and never awaken again. The scenario is made of irregular shapes, formed by sinusoidal lines then filled up with vivid colors and by using brushes of different kinds as abstracts, grundges, plants and much more. This work have the goal to stimulate your emotions, your fantasy, the most hidden part of your mind that can be revealed by only watch my creation and then closing your eyes, letting your brain doing the rest. Dream, and imagine that colored shapes moves, sensually, and attract you as a melody, swinging you, relaxing you until you fall asleep.

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