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June 26, 2022 – July 03, 2022



Join the exclusive NFTuloan’s Drop and Enjoy all the benefits in priority!

NFTuLoan fully on-chain Defi protocol offers you to borrow funds with your NFTs.

Private Sale Round 1:


Private Sale Round 2:


Mint opens on the 26th June 2022 9pm UTC

Limited whitelist: Supply: 3333, Pre-sale: 0.2 ETH, Public: 0.3 ETH.

Get Your Whitelist

We are the bank of the future, the bank in the Metaverse, and the bank of NFT and all digital assets!

Flash loan NFT for all Digital Assets (NFT) Art, Collectibles, Domain names, Music, Photography, Sports, Trading cards, Utility, Virtual worlds.

Benefits of the genesis access pass

Access to our NFT exclusive marketplace only distressed deal -30% discount

Own 30,000 $ULOAN token you early bird price (Potential return x70)

Exclusive access to STAKE $ULOAN

Exclusive access to Add liquidity $ETH 30% APY

Lifetime access in our Alpha group chat

Access to partners project’s Whitelist

DAO and decision for the next features

Don't miss the next NFT drops

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