Nestercity Metaverse NFT Drop

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May 27, 2022 – June 03, 2022



Welcome to NESTERCITY, a collection of 300 architectural NFTs built on Near Protocol as the keys to accessing the Nestercity Metaverse. 1st Batch release, we will release 50 NFTs 25th of May 2022 2nd Batch release, we will release 70 NFTs.TBA 3rd Batch release, we will release 90 NFTs TBA 4th Batch release, we will release 90 NFTs TBA Nestercity offers you a fully-accessible metaverse with the same exact design as the NFTs. Once you collect the NFTs, you will be able to access the metaverse and further you can customize the metaverse that you just collected. And use it for all of your purposes including but not limited to virtual meetings, concerts, and exhibitions and family gatherings. 3 architectural designs with distinguished themes: Nesteria, the futuristic city Exteria, the steampunk Nestsylum, the beyond earth 4 rarities: Common (25 x 25 Sqm) Rare (50 x 50 Sqm) Legend ( 100 x 100 Sqm) Unique (25 x 25 Sqm) + Myriad City Metaverse Access “Unlock the metaverse, unleash your imagination, and unshackle your creativity with Nestercity.”

In Collaboration with Myriad.Social

Designed by REAL Architects. We NEST Together.


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