Mystery Box by AG

Drop's mint website was not verified by its submitter in our Discord community
January 22, 2023 – January 29, 2023



Alpha Gang is a Hip Hop and Artist Themed NFT Collection which provides access to our Curated Alpha, Alpha Bots, Discord Integrated Trackers, NFT Alerts, $GANG Marketplace and much more!

Although we will not reveal everything, to maintain a certain element of Mystery… here are some more details regarding this Gas Optimized Free Mint.

– Alpha Gang NFT Holders
– Premint Winners

Some of the Prizes Include:

– 250 – 5000 $GANG Tokens
– Free Monthly Subscriptions
– A Custom Alpha Gang NFT
– Whitelist Allocations to over 50 NFT Projects
some which are considered extremely Valuable.
– Tool Access (Nodes, Trading Tools)
– 3 OG Alpha Gang NFTs
– 35+ Alpha Gang Gen2 NFTs
– 3 Ghost Buddy Official NFTs
– 15+ Nickelodeon NFTs (Hey Arnold & Rugrats)
– DAPE Genesis NFTs
– The Plague NFT
– Little Pudgy’s NFT
– Tiny Astro NFT
– Ledger NFTs
– A Bluechip NFT
The exact Collection will remain a Mystery till our Manual Burn Reveal.
And much more… all the $ETH accumulated from the 7.5 % Royalties set, will be put back into the prize pool, and to offer – a yet to be calculated amount of $ETH – in some of the rarest boxes.
That is right.
100% of the Royalties generated through Volume will get back into the hands of our Community.

May the Odds be in your favour.

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