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August 08, 2022 – August 15, 2022





In 2081… The Revolution Begins… Welcome to The Battle for Eluna.

CHAPTER ONE: THE BATTLE FOR ELUNA introduces the divisive world of Eluna City as it explodes into chaos over the issue of android liberation. We meet Cosima Trust, the idealistic and vengeful coder as she recruits the ragtag team who form THE COLLECTIVE, guerilla fighters who arm themselves with sawed-off rifles and innovative, invasive code as they fight to create a world they believe in.

We meet Eli Trust, the brilliant and enigmatic creator of the Artificial Intelligence who populate Eluna City, and his followers TRUST CORP, armed with a militia of battle androids, heavy artillery, and the media at their disposal. 

The Battle for Eluna is about a gruesome and bloody Civil War that explores the psychology of group dynamics, societal hierarchies and artificial intelligence, all while keeping the lighthearted spirit of a revolution lead by an unlikely group of misfits chasing friendship, love, and ideals. 

It is a story that bases itself on the simple theme of good vs. evil… and then re-invents it. 

Because someone’s hero is always someone’s villain.

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