Morninglory by Moon Island

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March 13, 2023 – March 20, 2023





Moon Island has formed a partnership with the largest Japanese AV talent management company. Starting with the first mint - Morninglory Open Edition. Every hodler of this collection will be able to join our metaverse, and witness the disruption of the AV industry!

MoonIsland is everyone’s fantasy, we are making into a reality. We are building a platform based on multiple successful business models. Web3 is the future and a DAO is the ultimate solution for this fantasy.
This DAO will gather different ideas globally starting with the power of the 69! EVERY 69 lovers can raise any crazy idea, and Moon Island Team will get it done. Building from foundation from “69 M/i”, the KEY. By starting all this crazy sh*t, we form a “Partnership”(partnership in both way) with the largest Japan AV artists management (IYKYK). At the end, who doesn’t like japan AV artists?
Join "Morninglory" to have FUN! Mint “69 M/i” to vote. F*ck it to earn! WEB3 2gether, Dream 2Reality ! (more coming)

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