Monuverse - Episode I: Arch of Peace

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November 11, 2022 – November 18, 2022





Monuverse is the virtual home of the world's most iconic monuments, a groundbreaking metaverse experience that enhances & preserves our cultural heritage making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In the upcoming months, monuverse will become a fully shared platform where people can use their historic 3d avatars (free for holders), share their passions with one another, attend virtual events, art exhibitions, parties, branded experiences, music festivals, and much more.

In short, monuverse aims to become the most sought-after venue in the metaverse.

And it all starts here...

Episode I: arch of peace. 

A 7777 generative art series by ai masters & creative coders ouchhh studio. 

A four step experience:

1. A live event;

2. A vr experience (launching soon);

3. A 7777 nft drop (in progress)

4. A pfp drop + 3d avatar, free for holders

You're in for a a ride.


We bring the world’s most iconic monuments into web3. For real.

Welcome to monuverse, a crypto art project leveraging nfts to push cultural heritage to the next level. Join us in our mission to enhance the world’s most iconic monuments with the help of art & technology, connecting communities to local institutions around the globe to create a new way to experience & support artist legacy.

Join us in making monuverse the most sought-after venue in the metaverse.

Ready? It all start here...

 Episode I: arch of peace

Milan, december 31st 2021 — the majestic arch of peace, symbol of the northern italian city, got dressed with a ground-breaking digital artwork, a 360° data sculpture designed by creative coders & ai masters ouchhh studio . The result was a mind-blowing immersive experience that merged physical and virtual realities, while giving the arch of peace a complete new life. Thanks to the coverage by international press and multiple live streams, the event reached more than 5m people worldwide. Now it’s time for the next phase:

- an immersive vr experience (alpha)

- a curated nft drop of 7777 items divided in 7 different categories according to the specific cluster of data used in the original dataset

Let's merge realities, together.


 Mint price

1. The chosen ones (wl): 0.09 eth

2. The believers (premint): 0.11 eth

3. The brave (public): 0.15 eth

*the chosen ones are the members of our wl: if you are selected, you're guaranteed to mint for 0.09 eth on mint day. If you were not selected but you still registered, you're guaranteed to mint for 0.11 eth. 

Truly random & decentralized reveal. On chain.

On reveal day, the entire collection will be revealed in a truly decentralized and unpredictable manner. The process can't get any more transparent, as you will be able to trustlessly verify the rarity of your tokens on the blockchain.
 Utilities for holders
% of revenue from drops & events

 Free pfps + 3d avatars

 Wl/free mint for next episodes

 Access to token-gated experiences

 Voting rights on next monuments.


The company

The company behind the project is reasoned art, the first italian startup dedicated to cryptoart — vc backed, winner of multiple innovation awards, partnered with adidas originals for their european brand campaign 2022 & with bulgari for the launch of the world's thinnest watch.

The team includes two forbes' italy under 30, and los cuentos, a member of the 333 top web3 content creators on linkedin.

 The artist

The artists, ouchhh studio, won multiple international accolades and collaborated with google, audi, paramount pictures (one of their artworks can be seen in the last mission impossible movie), cern, bulgari, mercedes, ars electronica & atelier des lumieres. 

In their 15+ years experience the duo created public ai artworks in all the major cities around the world.

Unseen universe, their first nft collection in collaboration with audi, sold-out in under 10 seconds and generated 1.5k eth in total volume in one week. The totality of the proceeds were donated to unhcr, the un agency for world refugees.

Learn more about our nfts, roadmap, artists, doxxed team and more on our beautiful website!

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